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Information collected by Smart Traffik through in in-store analytics solution are anonymous!

Smart Traffik collects information shared by users' smartphones when Wi-Fi is enabled. No information related to a specific visitor are collected (i.e. first name, last name, email, phone number); Smart Traffik has in no way access to your identity, contact information, messages etc.

Collected data are stored in a anonymous way on our servers during a limited period of time.

How is your data is used by Smart Traffik?

Collected data will allow:

1) To provide a report on store traffic for our clients: This reports help them better understand traffic trends and patterns.

2) To personalize some ads when visitors use mobile apps: Smart Traffik uses anonymous visits data to personalize the experience of mobile App partners. For example, after visiting a store, you may see a personalized Ad from this store rather than a generic and random Ad.

How to use your right of opposition to our services?

The respect of your private life is important to us. Smart Traffik lets you delete your Smartphone's information. To do so, complete the form below to delete your Smartphone's information.

The accepted format is as follow: 1A:2B:3C:4D:5F:5F (12 characters separated by a colon).

Delete your Smartphone information:

Thanks for submitting!

What does a MAC Address looks like?

A MAC address is a 12 characters ID, with figures (0 to 9) and letters (A to F, lower case and capital letters). It can be separated by dashes or colon.




How to find your MAC Address?

iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch): Go to Settings > General > About. The MAC address will appear at the line 'Wi-Fi address'

Android: Go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Status. The MAC address will appear at the line 'WLAN MAC address'

Blackberry: Go to Settings > Network connections > WiFi > Advanced > From the 'Diagnostic Information' field, select the drop down menu > Device Information. The MAC address will appear at the line 'View physical address'

Windows Phone:

Make sure Wi-Fi is activated. Go to Settings > About > More info. The MAC address appears at the line 'MAC address'

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