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Shopping Centers are striving to increase foot traffic. They need to better understand their shoppers to create a personalized experience and increase loyalty. This is now possible with the Smart Traffik tracking solution.

1. Precisely measure the way your space is used by visitors

Use geolocation data to identify:

• Customer journey and flow

• The amplitude, direction and travel speed

• Congested areas and less visited areas

• The attractiveness and time spent in each area

2. Optimize your strategic decisions with traffic data

• Value store rental price

• Value advertising rates

• Enhance signage

• Determine where information tools should be located

• Optimize space organization

• Reorganize brands according to their attractiveness

3. Quantify the impact of the adjustments made

Quantify changes in flows imacted by adjustments like:

• Reorganization of space

• A new store opening

• A new sensory design

4. Communicate more efficiently with your shoppers

Use Hotspot data or our SDK to send offers tailored to:

• Demographic Profiles

• Shopper Behavior

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