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Stop investing on wasteful mass marketing and start calculating the true impact of your marketing expenses

The OAP Solution

The OAP (Omnichannel Audience Platform) is a platform combining big data, IoT and innovative online/offline tracking tools. The OAP provides a global comprehension of consumer, identifies the effects produced by each marketing levers, and measures the effectiveness of all advertising investments, online and in-store.

With years of experience working with Brands and Retailers, Smart Traffik built the OAP on a technological ecosystem making its implementation easy: It combines an online cookie (online audience measurement script) and an in-store plug & play device (offline cookie).


The profitability of campaigns and customer journey

Multi-touch attribution and ROAS* for each channel


ROI per media


Conversion rate / ROI per campaign

*Return On Ad-Spend

The OAP: For who?

For Retailers, to manage marketing investments by taking into account the store level

For Brands, to take control over consumer data and oversee investments while managing profitability 

For Advertising Agencies, to offer campaigns based on real performance per visits and per store purchase, and to ensure for their customers a true knowledge of the outcome of each investment.


Audience: Measurement scripts on websites and digital levers.

SDK Audience

Smart Box: IoT Technology for in-store tracking

Advanced applications of science and data engineering for complex data reconciliation and prediction (online and offline cookie reconciliation).

Multi-touch attribution dashboards

ETL and APIs to easily capture and communicate data

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