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Smart Traffik and Kerlink create 

LoRaWAN® Instore Retail-Analytics Solution

>> A responsive end-to-end LoRaWAN® system that enables retail outlets to create personalized shopper experiences and build brand loyalty, by improving visitor in-store journey and improving the phygital transformation of the store.

By digitalizing point of sales, retailers seek to optimize an measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and commercial campaigns to attract new customers, to improve shopping experience and to increase the overall spending of theirs clients.

LoRa technology - Part 2: Use case in retail

With a LoRa infrastructure, a store can easily and efficiently digitize based on two main emphasis: setting up the in-store analytics on one hand and fostering engagement on the other.

Kerlink and Smart Traffik Create LoRaWAN® Instore Retail-Analytics Solution

Kerlink and Smart Traffik Create LoRaWAN® Instore Retail-Analytics Solution: Plug-and-Play SmartBoxes Enable Retail Outlets to Create Personalized Shopper Experience & Build Brand Loyalty

The LoRa technology for in-store analytics use

The LoRa technology’s booming growth is closely linked to the explosion of IoT devices in industries and projects that require tracking counts, Smart Cities, 4.0 industries… and of course for in-store analytics!

How to increase in-store revenue with in-store analytics

Capturing and analyzing behaviors in store is much more challenging than online. Fortunately there are some amazing solution out there, and we particularly like the Plug & Play ones for their easy deployment and low cost.

Just like online, physical retailers can today learn from their in-store visitors and from there, enrich their experience and increase sales. It’s a win-win!

Marketing Attribution: Which KPIs to measure the ROI of your store

The “Drive-to-store” is a very effective way to win new customers and increase sales.

But measuring its true impact on in-store sales is crucial. How can marketers calculate the ROI of a marketing campaign in store? This is where key performance indicators (KPIs) come in the picture.

What is the Retail Intelligence and how can it be used in the store strategy? How does it translate to an enriched customer experience?

Though most Tech companies tend to settle on the West or East coast, Smart Traffik picked the Midwest, and most precisely Chicago for its new office, because of the city's tech image rising in global ratings.

Today's interest in IoT in the Retail world will be time saving for the future. The most avant-garde retailers can already experiment with new practices to change the internal culture and gain valuable experience for the future.

7 Vital In-Store Data Points Retailers Need to Capture

There are 7 data points most retail locations don’t gather today that, when acted on, will have a significant impact on the shopper experience, ultimately driving more revenue and profitability. 

How to take advantage of an enriched customer experience with the help of store vendors, the ability to touch and test products while enjoying the benefits of digital (instant, fluidity and completeness)? A contraction of the words "digital" and "physical", phygital illustrates this major change affecting all retailers.

Julien Coquet, “Digital Performance Master”, answers our questions on the challenges of the Marketing Attribution and the strategies combining Data and GDPR.

How can you measure the performance of your merchandising? How can you analyze your ROI based on your online advertising actions? Collecting raw data is one thing but making sense of it is another. This is precisely where the conversion rates are relevant.

By controlling data and their reconciliation between physical and digital, retailers can activate some levers to optimize and boost sales.

"I know that half of the money I spend on advertising is wasteful, but I do not know which half it is." John Wanamaker. Let's discuss how we can follow the consumer journey from online to offline with the Multitouch attribution.  

When we talk about drive-to-store, the first KPI that comes to mind is always the same: the in-store visit. What if we relied on the right data to measure more efficiently the impact of marketing campaigns?

November 17, 2019

Move over Silicon Valley, tech startups blow in to Windy City!  "Simonin’s business, Smart Traffik, is exactly the type of startup governments everywhere – including in Australia - are trying to encourage."

Know the return on investment and the true impact of an online campaign on the revenue generated in store. Advertising SDK, customer journey and in-store tracking for a successful SX (Shopper Experience).

Omnichannel, Attribution, Data reliability: the winning trio for retailers!

The time has come to enter the age of multi-touch attribution. Welcome to the age of Marketing Attribution!

OAP: Among the 8 most innovative marketing solution in 2018!

Track full online to offline conversion with the OAP (Omnichannel Audience Platform). Our solution was voted among the 8 most innovative marketing solutions in 2018 at VivaTech!

An overview of the In-store analytics solutions offered to track consumer experience

Like the multitude of online analysis solutions readily available, new technology has emerged to help retailers and brands improve how to track shoppers through in-store visits.

Two types of technology stand out in the market: Wi-Fi and Video analysis.

Why it is crucial to understand the shopper’s in-store behavior in the evolving retail market

Why we should focus on creating smart data when it comes to the shopping experience...

In-store analytics: Build on the understanding of your customers, to create an engaging in-store experience and boost your ROI

Identify your shoppers, know how they shop and enrich their experience with the gathered knowledge

A new framework for mutual trust.

Why we need to talk about the retail evolution, not the retail apocalypse

In the end, the retail evolution is all about the customer. Being tech-savvy, shoppers want their shopping experience to reflect their daily life: a mix of online and offline. It is up to the retailers and brands to build a great customer experience, to satisfy their connected shoppers, and increase their foot traffic and ROI.

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