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Frank And Oak wanted to dynamize the store network and increase customer knowledge


“Since the implementation of the Smart Box in our stores, we have a clear vision of what is happening in real time. We can precisely measure foot traffic, repeat customers and peak hours. It allows us to optimize store actions and adapt to our customers.”

Bradley Evans

Director Retail Sales at Frank And Oak


1871, the world’s first global incubator is deploying Smart Traffik in-store analytics solution in their lounge area.


Closely follow foot traffic to understand how the space is used to improve signage, furniture, events and staff management.

Secrets Shhh

Secrets Shhh is a much-loved quality fine jewelry brand that features the same quality of customer service online or in one of their showroms.


Measure the effects of their marketing campaigns on foot traffic and capitalize on the higher ROI campaigns to optimize marketing expenses.


Latinicity provides a delicious interpretation Latin street food. Located on the third floor of Block 37, this multi-sensory experience features 8 innovative kitchens.


Latinicity wanted to measure how much traffic they attract in the Mall and what was the percentage of monthly repeat customers.

HP & Festival de Cannes

HP wanted to measure visitor flows in the HP Studio at the Festival de Cannes

“Thanks to this tool, we were able to gather real time data and provide HP with accurate traffic data in the space: quantitative and qualitative information, peak hours etc.”

Stephanie Boutin

HP Executive Director Marketing

Nini & Loli

Nini & Loli is a Miami Native family-owned and operated business since 2006.  Nini & Loli is a destination for modern expecting parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts who want to find the best products for the little ones in their lives.


Count in and out traffic, better follow peak hours throughout the day, week and month in order to optimize staff management.

Max Electronics

Max Electronics is one of the biggest electronics store network in Guatemala.


With the Smart Box, the Electronics brand monitor foot traffic in their stores and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns on store traffic. With the collected information, they are able to improve day-to-day operations management and better allocate marketing investments.

MacEwan University Bookstore

Since MacEwan University opened its doors in 1971, it’s been Retail Services’ mission to enrich the on-campus experience of students, faculty and staff.


Take action in store to increase foot traffic when the time is right. MacEwan Bookstore knows the importance of starting gathering foot traffic analytics on the long term to better understand their shoppers and adapt their strategy when the time is right.

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