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Retailers and Brands are striving to increase foot traffic. They need to better understand their shoppers to create a personalized experience and increase loyalty. 

This is now possible with the Smart Traffik tracking solution.

1. People Counting

• Total Traffic

• Peak Hours

• Conversion funnel

• Movement Patterns

2. Precisely measure the way your space is used

Use geolocation data to identify:

• Customer journey and flow

• The amplitude, direction and travel speed

• Congested areas and less visited areas

• The attractiveness and time spent in each area

3. Engage your customers

• Optimize mobile marketing

• Improve & grow loyalty

• CRM onboarding

• Build a seamless shopper experience (combined with our Omnichannel platform solutions)

4. Integrate all of your data in a single Backoffice

• Payment terminals

• Transactions

• Weather

• Social Media

• Means of payment

• Water and electricity consumption

• And more.

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