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The LoRa Technology - Part 2: Retail Use Case

With a LoRa infrastructure, a store can easily and efficiently digitaze based on two main emphasis: setting up the in-store analytics on one hand and fostering engagement on the other.

The in-store analytics part

An IoT connected with the LoRa technology can collect a wide range of data and by combining these different objects together we gain access to advanced analysis possibilities which have nothing to envy to online analytics.

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Here are some in-store analytics use examples in a local business:
•    Analysis of entering vs. exiting flows.
•    Indoor geolocation of customers with the concept of hot and cold zones.
•    Line management at checkout, in the fitting rooms etc.
•    Shopping carts or parking space management.
•    Collection of reviews at checkout
•    Collection of many other various information in real time and on a centralized dashboard, such as the temperature of refrigerators for a food business.

The engagement part

2 / Use the Engage portal to offer specific content:

  • A personalized welcome message.

  • A newsletter subscription.

  • A loyalty program.

  • A coupon.

  • A targeted sale based on the customer's journey in store.

  • ...

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To generate engagement from in-store visitors, the LoRa technology is focuses on two things:

1 / Use the beacon technology to offer different scenarios when customers approach a specific area, by following visitors’ journey via their smartphone:
•    Push a customized message to customers or say "hello" at the entrance.
•    Trigger displays to push discounts, for example on the endcap.
•    Offer a discount at a specific area (for example the store window), to encourage passersby to enter the store and convert them into customers. 

A whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In a connected store, not only do the IoTs collect an extremely high amount of data, but the objects also communicate with each other in a network. They allow us to understand consumer behavior, detect flaws or improve the shopper experience.
The LoRa technology and associated digital tools help retailers convert more shoppers and better understand their customers.

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